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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer Looks Better Than it Has Any Right To...


I’ve never read the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Nor have I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, or A Tale of Two Cities and Innsmouth, or Gone With the Deadites. I shouldn’t make assumptions about works I’ve never read, I know, but I’ve always been skeptical about the entertainment merit of stories that seem to randomly marry literary characters / historical figures with notable horror characters and tropes. But now we have the first international trailer for the Abe Lincoln vs. Bloodsuckers movie and it  looks like it might be reasonably fun. Observe…

It helps that Abe Lincoln is already a nearly mythical figure in American history,  and his legend is appropriable for a “tall tale” type of story. There’s a reason why this story features Lincoln and not Warren G. Harding. Abe was a noted wrestler, axeman and Confederacy-breaker. He allegedly invented the chokeslam. Here’s a depiction of Lincoln casually manhandling another grown man. 

When you see him doing this with his bare hands and what appears to be minimal effort, it’s not too hard to accept the sight of him felling entire trees with a single swing of an axe. Actually, I’m concerned for the vampires he’s going to be hunting in this flick. Giving Abe Lincoln an axe to hunt vampires with is like letting Superman wield Mjolnir to fight Quakers. Still, I’m suddenly looking forward to this, as well as the possibility of other Great-American / Horror-Villain mash-ups, such as Benjamin Franklinstein, or Teddy Roosevelt: Cthulu Puncher, or Grover Cleveland: Jack the Ripper Be-er.

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