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Month: December 2019

My Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2020


The Wendigo myth has long intrigued me, and the lack of a really great Wendigo horror movie has long pained me. The closest we have to one is Ravenous, which is a good movie, but I’d say it’s more “Wendigo-inspired.” It does not embrace the mythology, while Antlers at least alludes to it in its unbelievably good, almost wordless first trailer.

Peninsula (Train to Busan 2)

The premiere date for Peninsula, the sequel to Train to Busan, is apparently set for August 12th of 2020. Whether that means it will reach a worldwide audience in 2020 isn’t yet known, but I presume we’ll all get our chance to see this movie sooner rather than later. Considering how little seems to be known about this sequel at present, that’s a fairly significant presumption on my part, but chalk that up to how excited I am to see this one. I can’t really account for that excitement. The first film used a fairly unique conceit (zombies on a train) to breathe life into a sub-genre that I don’t particularly care for. Take away the train, actors Gong Doo and Ma Dong-seok, and any hint of measured expectations and what’s left is a product I should feel more skepticism about. Yet here I am, eager to see this one come my way before the year is through, preferably on the big screen. READ MORE

Movie Review: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

In many genre movies, there is a skeptical character who is made out to be foolish, callous or even antagonistic simply because they don’t believe in something commonly held not to exist. They don’t believe in whatever otherworldly thing plagues the protagonist, be it vampire, zombie, ghost, alien or something else. Often times their disbelief descends into denial when directly confronted by incontrovertible evidence of the preternatural, at which point it’s understandable for that character to be portrayed as an idiot at best, and a hindrance our hero’s survival at worst. But before that moment, when they simply don’t accept an unsubstantiated assertion that there is a Fortean foe about? Why are they often presented as such an obnoxious nuisance then? Isn’t it reasonable for them not to believe, particularly when they’re seeking other, more conventional solutions–giving some credence to notion of the threat, if failing to understand the specific nature of it? READ MORE

Confessions of a Fearphile: Ringu / The Ring

I’d heard of Ringu shortly after it came out in Japan, well before it was made properly available in the United States, before the American remake had been publicly announced, and long before any kind of reliable internet film streaming option. I remember futilely hunting for it in stores ranging from Blockbuster to small indie video stores whose names I can no longer remember. For about a year or so I wasted time doing this before finally gathering the nerve to make an online purchase on this site I’d only used once before called ebay. This would be different from when I purchased a used copy of the novel Simon’s Soul through the site, however. I was going to be buying a bootleg copy of a film, presumably with unofficial English subtitling. Scandalous! READ MORE