Another Silent Hill Movie is Totally Justifiable, Apparently

My affinity for the Silent Hill video game series is documented on this site. I am, in short, a fan, despite the shortcomings of the series. When the Silent Hill movie came out a few years ago, my anticipation was guarded, but optimistic. And then I was hit by a barrage of horribly executed nonsense that made tear up my Silent Hill Fan Rewards Card, even though I was only two more punches away from winning a $5 Pyramid Head Hoagie at Subway, in a promotion that I’m increasingly sure that I only dreamed of after drinking some Russian vodka tainted by Chernobyl. I digress.

Behold, a newSilent Hill film is upon us! It is in 3D! It has a weird poster and a trailer! Exclamation points are warranted!

Or…or… perhaps unwarranted. My early guess is that they made this flick on the cheap (relatively speaking) and plan to take advantage of the existing fan base, the release date near Halloween, and the boost in ticket pricing from 3D showings to turn a profit. Color me cynical.

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