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Movie Review: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

In many genre movies, there is a skeptical character who is made out to be foolish, callous or even antagonistic simply because they don’t believe in something commonly held not to exist. They don’t believe in whatever otherworldly thing plagues the protagonist, be it vampire, zombie, ghost, alien or something else. Often times their disbelief descends into denial when directly confronted by incontrovertible evidence of the preternatural, at which point it’s understandable for that character to be portrayed as an idiot at best, and a hindrance our hero’s survival at worst. But before that moment, when they simply don’t accept an unsubstantiated assertion that there is a Fortean foe about? Why are they often presented as such an obnoxious nuisance then? Isn’t it reasonable for them not to believe, particularly when they’re seeking other, more conventional solutions–giving some credence to notion of the threat, if failing to understand the specific nature of it? READ MORE

Daily Horror History, July 28th: Jason Takes His Sweet Time Getting to Manhattan

The 8th Friday the 13th movie, in which Jason Voorhees will allegedly take on the BIg Apple, is often cited as being either the worst, second-worst or third-worst film in a series that doesn’t exactly have the highest standards to begin with. The other two contenders for worst Friday the 13th movie, by the way, are Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X, aka Jason Goes to Space. The lesson here then, I believe, is that fans of the series don’t care much for Jason’s road trips away from Crystal Lake. It doesn’t help, perhaps, that in two of these movies he spends as little time as possible at the destinations boasted of in the title. READ MORE