Credit: Louis Scott / Scott Photography, San Antonio

Hello. I’m Johnny Compton, author (primarily of horror stories), HWA Member, Texan, tall person, and whiskey dilettante.

For promotional purposes, here is my official, customarily third-person short bio:

Johnny Compton is a Stoker Award nominated, San Antonio based author whose short stories have appeared PseudopodStrange Horizons, The No Sleep Podcast and several other publications. His fascination with frightening fiction started when he was introduced to the ghost story “The Golden Arm” as a child. The Spite House, his debut novel, was released in 2023. His second novel, Devils Kill Devils, will be released in 2024.

My fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, The No Sleep Podcast, Pseudopod, On the Premises and more.

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I am also creator and host of the podcast Healthy Fears, available on Apple Podcasts / iTunes, Spotify and most other podcasting platforms.


Welcome to my website. Read. Recommend. Enjoy. And seriously, if you haven’t already done so, order The Spite House today, and pre-order Devils Kill Devils. Hell, even if you’ve already done so, I won’t object to you getting extra copies.