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My debut novel, THE SPITE HOUSE, will be published by Tor Nightfire on February 7th, 2023. That’s a few seasons away, but not so far away that you shouldn’t pre-order now. It’s available at Barnes & Noble, and booksellers everywhere, likely including a local bookseller near you, if you’re inclined to support independent bookstores (like a few favorites in my neck of the woods, where it’s currently available, The Twig Bookshop, Nowhere Bookshop, and Austin’s famous Bookpeople). READ MORE

The Worlds Between Words – Devil in a Blue Dress

I recently finished Devil in a Blue Dress, Walter Mosley’s excellent hard-boiled mystery novel. Within the first third of the book there was a line that struck me like a solid swing of baseball bat to the abdomen. Mosley’s lead, World War II veteran Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, describes the fear that seized him during his introduction to combat.

“The first time I fought a German hand-to-hand I screamed for help the whole time I was killing him.”

As I made it through the rest of the novel, that line would to flash across my mind from time to time. There’s nothing aesthetically remarkable about the above line. It’s not meant to be poetic. It has no intention of showing off any metaphors or similes. But that one sentence captures the character’s experience with violence and presents a scene worthy of its own short story. Even with the novel done, questions born from reading that sentence persisted. READ MORE